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As the Alpine Dragon Queen, I make my subjects out of the lost and forgotten... Please save the unborn by clicking upon the shells and give them the love they need.
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I got bored last night so I decided go get some adoptables! Cod! I haven't used these things since Gaia online! *dies* So, help them out if you can.




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Yo, what up my pals! ^^ I finally decided to change this stupid thing! O_O! Big shocker, huh!?

Ok, so a little about myself.

I am purely a Classic Spyro lover. I played the first Legend of Spyro game on DS and hated it, sorry but I did. And Skylanders, I've looked up so much stuff on it that I just dislike it more and more!
Here is what I count as Classic Spyro:
Spyro the Dragon,
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage,
Spyro: Year of the Dragon,
Spyro: Season of Ice,
Spyro: Season of Flame,
Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs,
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (even if it was a terrible game!),
Spyro: A Hero's Tail,
Spyro: Shadow Legacy.
Spyro: Orange.


I have a deep love for cheesy 90's cartoons, even if they're REALLY horrible!


EDIT: April 2013.

I'm dating an actual human!


I have three fictional children, Rav, Jamie and Zath. Their father is Raziel from Soul Reaver.


Uhhhh..... Let's see..... oh yeah! For Spyro, I only approve of a relationship with Elora. I hate Ember's fangirl guts! Though I do like her with Bandit from Shadow Legacy.....


Random facts!

* I collect Piggy banks! I have 19 different ones so far!
* I'm not attracted to guys remotely near my age but instead have more interest in guys in their 30's and 40's.... o~o'


My favorite Psalm.

1 Praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD from the heavens;
praise him in the heights above.

2 Praise him, all his angels;
praise him, all his heavenly hosts.

3 Praise him, sun and moon;
praise him, all you shining stars.

4 Praise him, you highest heavens
and you waters above the skies.

5 Let them praise the name of the LORD,
for at his command they were created,

6 and he established them for ever and ever—
he issued a decree that will never pass away.

7 Praise the LORD from the earth,
you great sea creatures and all ocean depths,

8 lightning and hail, snow and clouds,
stormy winds that do his bidding,

9 you mountains and all hills,
fruit trees and all cedars,

10 wild animals and all cattle,
small creatures and flying birds,

11 kings of the earth and all nations,
you princes and all rulers on earth,

12 young men and women,
old men and children.

13 Let them praise the name of the LORD,
for his name alone is exalted;
his splendor is above the earth and the heavens.

14 And he has raised up for his people a horn,[b]
the praise of all his faithful servants,
of Israel, the people close to his heart.

Praise the LORD.


Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Type: Gen.
Note: Modern AU

~Day 2~

It should not have surprised the guys that Janine could pull her weight when she wanted to, she had saved them enough in the past to prove it. What did surprise them was that she could actually make a mean breakfast that was both pretty good tasting and nutritional. Apparently Winston was not the only one worried about Egon's junkfood intake and Peter's over all lack of intake as he had been running around the beach all yesterday with his pretty new friend.

"So, Dr. V, what're your plans today?" Their secretary asked brightly as she set the plate down in front of him before taking her own seat. She hid a smile as he mumbled a thank you to her around a mouthful of food.

"I'm going to hang out with Illuwa for a bit before she has to go into town but not sure when that is. Besides that, I wanted to check out that rock wall along the beachside and Ray said he'd make sandcastles with me!" The team was not sure they had ever heard anyone so excited about sandcastles before and Ray was suddenly feeling oddly pressured to make this good. Maybe it was the fact that they had not been to the beach officially in many years or maybe he just really liked sandcastles and they had no idea. All they did know was that they had not seen him as such a ball of energy in weeks, "I have to text Illuwa after breakfast to see when she'll be on the beach so we can meet up. She's going to teach me how to make things out of the shells we collected!" His family stopped eating and blinked at him in concern as Ray spoke up.

"She just gave you her number?"

"Yeah, why?"

"No reason. Just sounded odd."

"We wanted to keep in touch so we could meet up today and I told her I was going to look around the rocks. She told me to text her a picture if I found anything interesting over there. Her husband had to stay home so she wanted to make him something from stuff we found on the beach." His explanation finished, Peter quickly went back to eating. He completely missed Ray's worried grimace, Janine's frown, and the concerned look that passed between the team's two eldest members.


Peter smiled as he wandered off from his family. He knew they would be a while as they decided how to set up today's picnic site. As hilarious as it was to watch Winston and Ray argue over the best position to place the umbrella to guard said site from the heat of the sun he had more important things to do. Like explore!

He pulled the Poptart out that was hidden in the pocket of his trunks and began to munch on it. With all the complaining Janine did about her bathing suit's lack of storage space he found himself rather fond of the absurd amount of pockets she had ordered when she had specialized swim trunks made for each of her four bosses. It made it so easy to carry home all the ridiculous beach "treasures" he found lying about. So what if he already had a bucket full of beach junk from yesterday, Ecto had the room to carry all the stuff he would collect by the end of the week.

He held his treat in his mouth as he blindly reached down to where his iPod was clipped to his waistband as he watched were he was stepping on the rocky outcrop. He hit the randomizer and let the upbeat music flow through his earbuds to add to his little adventure. Content with the device's choice in background music, he began to climb down into the rocky valley of the outcrop that divided the beach. He was currently in search of tide pools.

He was not sure he had ever admitted it but he loved tide pools. They just sparked the scientist in him, even if it was nowhere near his field. They just had so many colorful things to discover in their tiny depths!

His eye was drawn to the sparkle of one of the pools that half lay in the shade of the wall. He carefully jumped off a short rock ledge onto the one with the pool. He was surprised by the size of the little habitat, he could see several tiny lifeforms going about their daily lives within. Even the muscles stuck against the rock were open sightly to collect particles from the water.

He grinned and knelt down, pulling out his phone as he watched two hermit crabs skitter around each other. He snapped a few pictures before starting to take a video of the now scuffling crabs, he could not wait to show Egon the crazed little creatures. Though, that opportunity was almost lost as he just about dropped his phone into the pool at the sudden sharp pain in his leg.

He jumped to feet and looked down. His eyebrows raised as he spotted what assaulted him. It was a mid-sized crab holding a driftwood stick in its claw. His surprise wore off quickly as he smirked when he spotted some more of the sticks. He quickly stepped over the tiny creature and snatched up one of the twigs. He gave a bark of laughter as he spun around and quickly crouched down before the crab, aiming the piece of driftwood towards his 'foe' like a fencing foil.

"En garde, Matey!" He exclaimed in his best pirate voice, snorting a laugh as an Alestorm song came up on random.

He gently tapped the crab's twig with his own to start their little sword fight. He found out very quickly that crabs were actually very good at fencing, especially parrying. His free hand reactivated the record button on his phone and caught about the last minute of their crab battle before the crustacean grabbed Peter's 'foil' with its free claw and yanked it out of the human's loose grip. He laughed loudly and recorded it scuttling away between the rocks with both sticks.


When Peter had told Illuwa about his team-turned-family, there were some things that had just not been conveyed in such great detail. Like how terrifying looking the woman he saw as a sister was. The light-skinned, fiery red-head was lounged like an evil queen in a polka dot bikini and jean short-shorts atop a throne made out of a camp chair. The red cat's eye glasses only added to the ominousness of the tiny woman reading a magazine (who even read those anymore?). She was suddenly very nervous of even thinking about talking to the older woman.


"Wha'd ya want?!" The reply was snapped in irritation as the woman never even looked up from her reading.

"I-I'm looking for Peter." This made the fire-witch look up with eyes that could have melted titanium. Her action of peering over the top of her glasses sent a chill of fear through Illuwa.

"So, you're Doctor Venkman's new playdate."


"Yup. Doc of psychology. Don't ask me how with that attention span." Janine lowered her magazine and sat up straight, actually making her scarier despite how petite she was, "Now, Sister, I'm only gonna ask you this once. What's a married girl like you want with a guy like him?" The silent threat from the tiny secretary hung heavily in the air.

"W-we're just friends. I-I was feeling lonely and I met him while I was seashell hunting. I'm not stringing him along, I swear! Anyways, it'd be a little creepy. He's like a big twelve-year-old!" Anger flashed in Janine's eyes at the words, thinking that her boss was being insulted and belittled by this woman (she had seen it enough to get easily protective). It did not matter if that's exactly how she saw him most of the time because this woman just did not know him on the same level as Janine and the others.

Illuwa winced and mentally slapped herself; that's not how you made friends. She suddenly felt terrifyingly obligated to explain herself to this woman, "I-I didn't mean it in a bad way! I-I just meant that he's really innocent and playful! He's fun to hang out with. He just reminds me of a friend I had in highschool." Janine regarded her silently for a moment before suddenly returning to her lounging position and opened her magazine once more. Illuwa stood there stupidly for a moment, unsure what to do now.

"Keep it that way. Now sit down, Ma'am! The boys'll be back soon." Illuwa let out a breath she had been holding, she was off the hook for now. She quickly did as she was told, clutching her bucket of shells as she waited.


Winston had not been surprised that there was a snack shack on the beach. What did surprise him was how it was more like a beach-side cafe' and was named "Tory's Refreshment Center". The massive variety of foods and drinks sold was also astounding. He could only shake his head in awe as he and Peter walked away with what few supplies they needed.

"Hey, Peter?" He asked slowly as he balanced his items.

"Hmm?" His companion looked up from his snowcone with interest.

"It's about your new friend."


"Yeah, her. How you feel about her? Do you like her?" Winston was trying to be cautious about this. Though, he hated talking down to Peter, his friend was not stupid.

"Wha? Of course I like her." Peter looked confused for a few short moments before realization hit and he frowned slightly, "Oh! You mean 'like her' like her. No, I can't say that I do. She feels too much like Janine, it'd just be weird. Plus, she's married. Why?"

"I just don't want you getting hurt."

"I got this, Winston. Everything's fine, I promise." Peter flashed a reassuring smile and offered his friend some of his icy treat.


All four of the guys returned around the same time. Illuwa could not tell if she was happy about that or not. Peter greeted her excitedly as the others politely said hello, the same protective regard in their eyes as Janine as Peter did introductions. She had never been happier than when he pulled her away towards the water.


"Are those trunks new? They're different from yesterday." Illuwa asked as they worked on their shell necklaces. Peter blinked in confusion at the sudden conversation topic and looked down. He smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, Janine had them made specially for me and the guys. They're the same colors as our uniforms and have our company's symbol on the side." He chirped his reply proudly. Illuwa blinked in her own confusion, eyes drawn to the 'no ghosts' symbol and wondered what on earth kind of company they had. Oddly, the two of them had not really shared any details about things outside the beach, like jobs. As it was, she had only just found out he was a doctor of psychology, and that information had been offered up by Janine of all people. The woman still scared her.

"Think Janine will like this one?" Peter asked excitedly as he held up the necklace he was currently working on.


"You made two?" Winston voiced the communal surprise of himself and his two companions as all three stared down at Peter and Ray. Both men were each sitting in the middle of a massive cluster of sand national monuments. They both smiled and nodded in reply to the question.

"Peter wanted to play movie monster again but we worked so hard on the first set and they looked so nice that he didn't want to mess them up." Ray motioned to the monument set Peter was sitting in, "So, we built another! It took forever but we finally did it!" The two laughed in pleased exhaustion. Their friends looked a bit shocked at such a simple explanation for a near perfect duplication of the first set of sand structures.

"That's great, guys. But you look tired, come eat dinner before Peter goes Godzilla on those helpless sand buildings. You two have been building for hours." The two perked up at Winston's offer of food, quickly following their friends back to their umbrella. Though, Peter could not help deliberately kicking a pyramid before he left.


It was not camping but it turned out that roasted marshmallows on the beach tasted just as amazing. Though, the puffy treats were mostly for Ray and Peter's benefit. The tiny pieces of white still left the other three uneasy after all these years. Just looking at the sugary treats as they burned was a little too much of a reminder of the two barely avoided disasters brought on by ghostly marshmallows.

Despite the close proximity to the nightmare-inducing sugar puffs, everyone was having a lovely night. The little group of five sat on beach towels around a campfire set up in the sand. They were each telling fun stories from when they were little. The three scientists were lacking in selection but shared what they could. When it was their turn but could not think of one, Winston or Janine would quickly begin one before their friend became depressed.

Winston was currently in the middle of some ridiculous fishing tale made complete with exaggerations and crazed hand motions. Ray and Janine were caught in a fit of giggles while Egon was trying to rescue Peter's fingers from their prison of melted marshmallow as the brunet happily laughed along with his friends. The sugary substance was eventually salvaged to be used in a s'more for Peter but not before even Egon was laughing at the absurd level of insanity the story had grown to.

The night continued in much the same fashion. Winston and Janine began to one-up each other on absurd stories that were quickly so blown out of proportion that there was no telling what was real and what was not. Ray kept both the fire and their two storytellers fueled with refreshments. Egon had opted to rescue Peter by just making all the s'mores for him while their youngest member provided witty commentary on the stories that only had them all laughing harder.

~*~End Day 2~*~

Fanfic - It's High Tide We Had Some Fun (Day 2)

I think this is my favorite day written so far (Day 3 is just coming along weird). There was a lot of fun things to work with here.

Note: Peter's little crab adventure is actually based on an incident my little cousin and I had one time with a crab when we were younger. We never did get that stick back from it...

Note 2: Illuwa's a one-off character I made up for this story and will most likely never show up again after the seven days. I just can't see Peter going to the beach and not making a friend.

Disclaimer: I only own what isn't canon, I only own what isn't canon, real, or trademarked (and man is there a lot of trademarked stuff in this story!)

Day 1:

Day 3: soon


Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Type: Gen.
Note: Modern AU
~Day 1~

Summer was an interesting time of year. An enemy of human comfort that left people either lethargic or very angry. Though, with a properly hot day even the cruelest mastermind would find it hard to do as much as think before growing tired. Of course, if you did not have the foolhardy determination of an evil mind you were simply left with lethargy.

"Oh god! Even the ghosts are too hot to be malevolent!" Peter whined loudly from where he lay hunched over his desk in nothing but a pair of hunter's green cargo shorts, "We haven't had a job in nearly two weeks!" His friends winced from their places around the garage/foyer as his voice echoed off the high walls. Despite their discomfort, they could only agree. Work had been nonexistent for too long.

"Yeah, well, I don't blame 'em." Janine mumbled back in reply as she did her own slumping in her chair. She had been sluggishly watching Slimer for the last hour as he floated listlessly near her desk. She never knew that things such as heat bothered ghosts. She was sure the heat was screwing with her mind as she started to think about just how much he looked like a Jell-o mold.

"Screw it! Let's just take a week off and go to the beach!" Came the cry from Peter's office, "We're not doing anything anyways!" Janine's eyes slowly rolled to the side to look at the rest of her bosses as Peter's suggestion sank in. The last gaze she locked with was Winston, who sighed tiredly and shrugged.

"Why not? It's nine A.M. and we're all exhausted. We're not getting anything done just sitting here." If any of the team had had the energy there would have been a hearty cheer for the decision.


"Geez, Egon, could you have gotten us a bigger place to stay?!" Awe and sarcasm thick in Peter's voice.

"It's highly unlikely given our current lull in income." Egon replied truthfully as the team looked up at the mini-mansion-like beach house, making Ray snicker as Peter sighed and rolled his eyes, "The house belongs to a friend of mine from school. It was left to her when her parents passed. She'll be at her lab in Mexico for the next several months so she said we could use it." There was murmurs of interest from the group though it was more like grumbles from their female party member. She pouted slightly, hands on hips as she glared to the side. She jumped slightly at the feel of a strong yet gentle hand on her shoulder. She looked up and blinked at Winston who bowed his head and whispered to her.

"Don't worry, girl. Knowing Egon, there's nothing between them." They both had no way of knowing if it that was the truth or not but it cheered Janine up just the same. Her smile appeared and she fixed her glasses as the group headed inside.


As amazing as the house was, the team was extremely excited to get onto the beach. It was a lovely private one, hidden away for the residents that surrounded it. It was well kept with a comfortable amount of visitors, which was nice since even Peter needed a break from crowds sometimes.

Janine took charge of where to establish themselves on the hot sands as the boys carried their supplies. Peter gave a whining quip about slave labor, earning him a playful yet still painful thwack from her sun hat before the two began to snicker. Winston chuckled softly and shook his head at their playful antics as he placed their umbrella in the sand.

Janine quickly busied herself with organizing where everything should be positioned. Where she was their employee at home, here she reigned supreme. She had been a little worried about being stuck with the guys for a week without a break but that feeling was fading fast. They were letting her lord over all the details and Ray was being sweet enough to help out with the towel placement.

While she was busy talking with the engineer about the best angle to lean the umbrella at, Winston wandered off to the side where Peter was standing. He followed his gaze and thought at first maybe he was watching some girls in their early twenties playing volleyball. He had to wince in sympathy when one of said girls tripped and hit the sand hard. Though, it was the lack of a similar sympathetic look from Peter that made him realize that the kid was too mesmerized by the ocean to even notice the girls. He had to admit that he understood the attraction, the water shimmered with an untainted beauty that the water near the city had nothing on.

"Hey, Peter." He said softly once he pulled his eyes away from the water. He tapped the younger man on the shoulder to gather his attention. Peter jerked his head back, the movement making the necklace that Winston gave him bounce off his chest and catch the sunlight with a blinding glint.

"What's up?"

"If you're gonna go play, take these with you. You didn't eat breakfast with us on the way over." Winston tried to keep the concern out of his voice as he handed a packet of Poptarts and a small bag of jerky to the younger man but it was hard. It made him worry how the kid would forget to eat if he was too excited or depressed.

"Oh thanks! I'm starving! Knew I forgot something." Peter admitted sheepishly as he gladly took the offered food. He began to open the jerky as his friend patted him on the shoulder. He kind of felt bad, he hated making Winston worry.

"Come back by one-thirty and I should have lunch ready by then." He quickly nodded in reply to the instructions, the piece of dried meat in his mouth making a verbal reply impossible. He waved to his friends, stuffing the Poptarts into the pocket of his trunks before running off towards the water.

While Peter made his escape, Ray grunted and collapsed onto the sun-warmed beach towel. A satisfied smile played on his lips, he had finally finished setting everything up. A soda was opened and offered to him. He blinked in surprise and took it, smiling brightly up at Egon who had handed it to him without looking away from whatever equations he was working on.

"Thanks!" He took a drink and looked over at his friend's notepad, skimming over the scribbles, "Egon, we're at the beach. I think you can afford to relax a bit." He sucked on the lip of the soda can as he watched Egon continue writing. It still concerned him sometimes after all these years how the physicist could never seem to shut his brain off even when on vacation.

"Hmm? Oh, I am quite relaxed, Raymond. Excellent calculation on the angle of the umbrella by the way."


Peter knelt down on one knee in the wet sand, not bothered by the cold water lapping at his legs with each shallow wave. He smiled slightly as he reached down and grabbed a shimmering shard of broken seashell. He washed it in the sandy water before raising it up to get a better look. He rubbed his thumb over the sand-dulled edge and watched the light shimmer off the wet sheen.

"Wow, that's a pretty one! Some people have all the luck." He jumped slightly and looked up in surprise. A young woman around his age was smiling apologetically at him as she awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck, "Sorry about that. Didn't mean ta scare ya. Hi! I'm Illuwa." She chuckled awkwardly and offered him a hand that wasn't holding a bucket of shells. His brain kicked back in and he took her hand as he stood up.

"That's a cool name. I'm Peter." They smiled brightly as they shook hands. A strange spark flashed in Peter at her touch, one he was unused to feeling from any woman around his age. It felt like the sisterly connection he shared with Janine and instantly settled into the comfortable familiarity of it.

"Nice ta meet ya, Peter."

"You too." They broke contact and he looked over his new companion for the first time. She was wearing a dark blue one piece bathing suit with a skirt that did nothing to hide the fact that she was slightly pregnant. He was not great with telling where people were from but judging by her name, tanned skin, and black hair that she was of Hawaiian decent even though she sounded Californian.

"So, never seen you here before, Peter."

"Just visiting. A friend of my roommate is letting us stay in her house. I actually live in New York."

"Sweet deal ya got there! I'm visiting with friends here too. Sadly, my husband had to stay at work in San Diego."

"Ouch." He winced and she nodded before laughing softly.

The awkwardness of their meeting quickly melted as Illuwa started a conversation on the differences in east and west coast seashells and beach life. Peter found himself vastly interested and it took them both by surprise when they ended up spending the day together. They broke apart to lunch with their separate friend groups. Though, they met up afterwards again to gather shells as Illuwa told him she'd teach him how to make necklaces out of them and pieces of driftwood for his friends.


Winston knew he should go to sleep but he had just gotten to the climax of his book. He just had to know if he had figured out the correct culprit. This story was a tricky one, so many likely suspects. Of course, that just made him suspect that perhaps it was not even one of them.

His mind shifted away from his pondering as he felt his bed dip under added weight. He lowered his book and found he was not surprised in the least to see Peter crawling into his bed. This had happened to each of them various times on long-term busts.

After years of sleeping in the same bunkroom with three other people, you grew accustomed to having others in the room and it could be hard to find yourself alone. This sense of familiarity sometimes frazzled Peter's nerves when he was given a room to himself and it left him unable to sleep. Only the comfort and company of sleeping near one of his friends could ever fix the issue.

Winston could not say he really minded. He completely understood as he too had the same issue occasionally, he was sure they all did, but would tend to simply force himself through it. It also helped that he had always wanted a younger sibling to look after. He had that wish fulfilled when he had gotten to know the youngest of his three bosses-turned-brothers. Caring for the team's youngest had filled an emptiness that had weighed on his heart for years.

He did not greet his friend but simply opened his book and began reading once more. He knew the little insomnia issue was extremely embarrassing to Peter so he never drew attention to it. He waited silently until Peter was curled up against his side and cocooned in a sheet before he began to read aloud. He smiled and continued when Peter was asleep within two pages' time.

~*~Day 1 End~*~

Fanfic - It's High Tide We Had Some Fun (Day 1)

Water joke in the title! Sorry.

I've never done a fic about beach fun before. How odd is that? Anyway, :icontdotbabs: gave me the idea and the thing has been nothing but fun to write. Sadly, I'm starting to run out of time to finish it as a summertime fic. Though, to be honest, I can't wait for a winter fic. Blankets are fun in all forms, especially forts. Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying it. They'll be enjoying 6 more days of summer fun before the end even if I'm back at school already.

Note: Illuwa's a one-off character I made up for this story and will most likely never show up again after the seven days. I just couldn't see Peter going to the beach and not making a friend so I made one for him. Also, Egon's school friend is an OC that may eventually show up in a fic one day, but she's a very busy woman.

Note - 2: Peter's little insomnia issue is actually based on my own. If someone living in my house is not asleep there at night then I get weird anxiety that causes insomnia and usually goes away once they're back. I have been known to sneak into my sister's bed after she's come home so that I can fall asleep.

Disclaimer: I only own what isn't canon, real, or trademarked (and man is there a lot of trademarked stuff in this story!)

Day 2:

Full Title: Birds Under a Different Feather Still Flock Together
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Type: Gen.

Today had been oddly slow. One might think that their work would be slow often but that was not the case. It had surprised them all how many ghost still showed up everyday even with Gozer long gone. So, having only two minor busts in one way actually left the guys with a great deal of free time that they had no idea how to deal with.

Winston hummed softly as he sat in one of the armchairs in the rec room. He was oddly not particularlly in the mood for reading right now but it beat being bored. Though, he found himself wishing he had not just cleaned and turned up Ecto the day before.

He only got about a good half page into his mystery when he heard someone else enter the room. He smiled as he heard the familiar movement of Peter's steps heading towards him. He marked his page and closed the book to greet his friend. The younger man looked happy with himself but also oddly shy.

"Hey, Pete. Where you been all day, man? I haven't seen you since we got home."

"yeah, I had to get some things done."

"Like what? You got a date tonight?"

"Well yes, but that's not why." Peter chuckled and shook his head, "Nah, I went to get you something."

"For me?" Winston blinked a few times, surprised and a little confused. Peter didn't owe him anything and it was not his birthday.

"Yup! Here ya go, Zed." Peter smiled brightly as he pulled a book out from behind his back, "Not my thing but I know you just don't feel safe on the job without it and yours got ruined a few days ago." Winston's eyes lit up and he smiled as he took the world's greatest anthology of mysteries (that he didn't mind not knowing all the secrets to). The little Bible was pocket-sized and would fit easily into Winston's jumpsuit. His gaze was drawn to where his name was engraved in gold and spelled correctly in the bottom corner of the corner.

"I hope it's the right version. I swear you people have like thirty different kinds of these things to pick from." Winston had to laugh at the only too true words, Christians did like variety in their Bible types.

"It's perfect! Thank you, Pete, this is amazing." The last few words were whispered with awe as he looked the little book over. The sparkle of light reflecting off something hanging from the book caught his eye. He blinked and gently took hold of the silver cross hanging from a thin chain. He smiled softly as he held the tiny pendant in the palm of his hand where it stood out beautifully against his dark skin.

"It matched the gilded edges nicely and it just kinda stood out to me." Peter explained awkwardly as Winston stood up.

"thank you, I love it." Winston put the Bible down on the chair's arm before he gently slipped the necklace over Peter's head, leading the cross down over the younger man's heart, "But I think it looks better on you, Brother. It'll keep you safe, you little danger magnet." Peter looked quickly between his friend and the necklace in surprise.

"But isn't it a little sacrilegious if I wear it?!"

"Course not. It was given as a gift in love from family. I can't think of a better use for it, Pete." Winston smiled brightly as Peter looked relieve and tenderly clutched the cross. He nodded the younger man before they both laughed as Winston ruffled his friend's hair.


Fanfic - Birds Under a Different Feather

Just a little story that popped into my head while I was at church today. Thought I'd write it up and post it since the longer story I'm working on is gonna take a bit longer.

Disclaimer: I only own what isn't canon, real, or trademarked

The wonderful cover art was made by the lovely :icontdotbabs: as a gift and they gave me permission to use it at as cover art. Isn't it sweet and adorable?!

Never Had A Friend Like Me by Alpine-Dragon-Queen
Never Had A Friend Like Me
....You poor soul. Seriously, that song is our theme. Anyways, I can draw anthros again!

Here we go, a pit to raise the spirits of my best friend. Here's my fursona, Alpine, happily squeezing the life out of my bestie's fursona, Koshi!
It's a companion piece to the one she made for me to cheer me up a while back:

On another note, Alpine finally got an updated look after all these years! I love her new hair that my best friend :iconbatscree: designed. Her old bangs were created because I couldn't draw two eyes on the same face, that is no longer the issue so she got a cool upgrade!

(c) they belong to us.
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Type: Gen.

The recreation room of the converted firehouse was alive with the sound of joyous yet exhausted laughter. The ghostbusters and their loyal secretary slumped into the comfort of their well-worn furniture. Spirits ran high as energy quickly fell. A too close bust filled them all with a need to celebrate survival.

Winston looked about the room at the people that had become his family over the years. He smiled tiredly as his gaze poured over everyone. He could see Janine fawning over Egon, keeping him readily supplied with his favorite junkfoods so he would not walk on his twisted ankle. He watched her fetch him a soda and ice pack before she went back to curling into the blond's side.

He chuckled softly, his heart going out to her. It had to hurt when Egon's only reaction to her troubles was a quick thank you before returning to his conversation with Ray. The two scientists were animatedly talking about improvements to their newest device.

He sighed softly and shook his head, taking a sip of his celebratory beer. He was not much a drinker but surviving a close call was a special enough occasion. His drifting thoughts were called back into focus as the heavy lump pressed into his own side shifted and whimpered. Winston quickly frowned and looked down at where Peter lay curled against him. The younger man was drinking soda through a straw as he groggily watched whatever movie the team had on as background noise.

The beer in Winston's stomach turned sour and rolled uneasily as his gaze was drawn to the bandage covering Peter's right eye. The kid had had a nasty run-in with some very corporal claws of a Class 7 but luckily the doctor at the hospital had been hopeful about recovery. Now the poor little guy was doped up on pain meds and refusing to let Winston out of arm's reach. This was unfortunate because the position he chose to lay in let him be near the older man but was murder on the rib Peter had cracked as well. All the pain and drug-dulled misery had come about simply because Winston had not been paying close enough attention today due to all the pesky Class 3s and 4s buzzing around during the fight.

Winston swallowed down his guilt and tried to take a calming breath. He sat up straighter but was careful not to jostle the younger man. He let out a whistle, gathering everyone's attention. They all readily looked at him, except Peter who was a little sluggish, as he raised his can.

"I call a toast. To the bravest Ghostbuster in honor of him savin' my hide!" The others smiled and raised their own drinks of various kinds, even Peter to some degree before his brain registered that the toast was about him. They all let out a cheer as Peter got red in the face and tried to hide under Winston's arm with an unusual shyness. Despite his hiding, the youngest member smiled groggily, embarrassed yet pleased with his family's praise. The cheers and happy chatter quickly picked up again.

Winston watched Peter's good eye start to droop as the meds finally got to him. He sighed softly and put his drink down as Peter started to drift off. The dark-skinned man looked away to catch Egon's gaze from across the room. The blond nodded at Winston's silent comment before talking to Ray and Janine about one subject or another.

Peter gave a sleepy whine as Winston slowly got up. The little act made the older man chuckle softly as he scooped the smaller brunet up into his arms, the younger man quickly clinging to him. He headed for the door, carrying Peter to the bunkroom. He was almost there when Janine stopped him. She smiled softly, eyes sad, as she slipped a new mystery novel into his hand before sending him on his way again.

The trip to the bunkroom was quick and unhindered. He carefully got Peter into bed and tucked him under the messy covers, glad the younger man had changed when they got home. He sat on the edge of the bed as fast as he could when Peter let out a distressed whine and called out for him in sleep. He gently helped the younger man use his leg as a pillow.

"Rest up, Pete." He grabbed Masquerade from her place hidden amongst the messy nest and slipped her into Peter's arms. Once the younger man was settled and resting easy, Winston opened the book Janine gave him. He relaxed against the bed's headboard and began to read, letting his mind wander from the guilt and pain in his heart.


"I have you now, you emerald-haired meddler! Mwahahaha!" The completely forced sounding maniacal laughter echoed through the near empty bunkroom. Janine blinked rapidly as she headed towards the room, tray of food in hand. What on earth was going on up here?

A smile quirked on her lips as she peaked inside. The scene displayed before her was adorable. Peter, who was confined to bedrest until he healed, was sitting crosslegged in a mini blanket fort atop his bed. He had Masquerade the Pony in one hand and Gozer the grim reaper plushie in the other. He was using the two to act out some sort of scene.

"You have nothing, Gozer! With Puft and La Madre at my side, I'll stop you reign of terror!" He marched Puft the Ghostbuster bear and La Madre the Raccoon up behind Masquerade.

"Foolish Pony! I have my own minion to crush yours!" He made Ray's Mr. StayPuft doll lumber out towards Masque's army, "Behold! The Tra-!" He stopped abruptly as a giggle accidentally escaped Janine, his head jerked up to stare at her in horror with his unbandaged eye. An embarrassed expression, as if he had been caught doing something horrible, appeared on his face. He quickly dropped his toys and opened his mouth to explain himself but Janine simply shook her head. She smiled gently at him and walked over to the bed with his lunch.

"I though the troops could do with some rations." She sat on the edge of the bed and placed the tray next to his leg. He blinked at her in surprise as she fixed her glasses.

"Can I play too?" She asked softly, fingers fidgeting in her lap.

"Uhhh... Sure. Thanks for lunch." He sounded oddly awkward as if fumbling over the oddness of the situation, "G-gozer's trying to take over Earth and Masque's team is trying to stop him. H-here, you can play her." Janine's eyes widened, her glasses slipping down her nose while her mouth went slack slightly, as he picked up the yellow Pony and handed it to her. Emotion bubbled up in her, she felt so honored. The twinkle-eye Pony was by far his favorite of his birthday plushies, only Winston was even allowed to touch her. Yet he was now letting her play with the treasured toy.

She smiled brightly at him and fixed her glasses again. He grinned at her around a piece of toast in his mouth as he picked up Gozer again. He used his free hand to replace the toast to the plate before starting the story again.

"Behold my creation! You will be smothered beneath him."

"Think again, Gozer!"


Years of experience should have warned Egon that this would happen. He recovered pretty quickly to be honest but it had still been a shock to have the sudden dead-weight slumped against his back as his best friend whined loudly in his ear.

"Egon, I'm booooored!" The back of Egon's head ached slightly from where Peter's forehead thunked against it. The physicist took a deep breath, glad he had not dropped his fungi journal atop of his new specimens. He was about to suggest something, anything, to appease the injured and overwhelmingly bored younger man. As luck would have it, Ray appeared and saved the day.

"Hey Pete, look what I got you!" Peter jerked up into a standing position at hearing this, he winced slightly as he jostled his ribs but ignored it to pay attention to the gift. He pulled away from the blond to wander over to his other friend. His eyes widened in surprise as Ray handed him a videotape of the first episode of My Little Pony.

"Where did you find this?" He squeaked slightly, excitement sparking in his visible eye.

"I have my connections."

"Cool! It doesn't have Masque but this is an amazing episode! Will you guys watch it with me?" There was no right way to say they weren't interested. Which, in turn meant, that they could not say no.

Later, both would say they never before knew one episode could change their views on a cartoon. Though, this one certainly did. An evil monster king, a cursed Prince, smartmouth Seaponies, and baby ponies enslaved in chains! What on earth were parents allowing their little girls to watch?!


When you lived with three other guys and were around them non-stop you picked up a few tricks to recognize them without seeing them. Winston had gotten really good at telling who was walking towards him when he was half-stuck somewhere in Ecto-1 as he fixed her up. His stomach was currently flipping at the dreaded sound of Peter's light and slightly lethargic steps, the poor kid was still doped up on pain meds even if the dose was lower now. He winced and gritted his teeth as he felt Ecto dip under Peter's added weight to her frame.

"Hey brother, how you feelin?" He tried to sound light-hearted as he asked about the younger man's health. Though, it was hard with the way his insides were turning to ice; the guilt was killing him inside.

"Pretty good today actually. My ribs don't hurt at all right now."

"Well, that's good!" Winston faked his way through looking busy in Ecto's engine to avoid looking at Peter. The bandage over his eye sent a knife through Winston's heart every time he saw it.

"Hey, Zed... ...Did I do something wrong?"

"What?!" Winston's answer-turned-question was exclaimed in disbelief as his head jerked up. He swore softly as he slammed into Ecto's open hood with the momentum. He hissed and rubbed the aching spot, "What on earth are ya talking about, Pete? You haven't done anything wrong."

"Well, just feels like you've been avoiding me since that night after my last bust." Winston winced at the explanation. More guilt piled on as he looked his friend over. The kid was wearing a baseball cap to hide the bandage and the horrid state it left his bangs in. The rim of said cap was currently obscuring Peter's face as the young man stared down at where he was fidgeting with one of Winston's socket wrenches. Winston could only sigh, reaching out and gently taking away the greasy tool.

"Okay, I'll admit it, I have been avoiding you. But, it's not your fault." Peter raised his head at this to look at Winston with hurt and confusion, waiting for the older man to finish, "I've been feeling guilty, Pete. If I had been paying more attention, you never would have gotten hurt. It's my fault you've been laid up for the last several weeks." He was surprised to see something sparkle in Peter's eye at the comment.

"You can't blame yourself for something like that, Winston. Who knows, I could have fallen through the floor, again, and landed on something sharp. That place was just askin' to collapse. It was a death trap!" Peter was grinning by now, happy he had not upset the older man, "Oh, or that crazy Class 7 could have tried to talk me to death like the last one tried to!" Winston chuckled and shook his head. The guilt started to recede as his heart felt lighter at Peter's personal brand of forgiveness. He watched the younger man give a controlled laugh so not to hurt himself. The kid was going to be just fine and was already well on his way.

"Go get dressed and I'll drive you to your doctor's appointment, ya little smartmouth." Winston smirked and playfully pulled the rim of the cap down to Peter's nose as the younger man laughed louder. The silent tear in their bond quickly mending itself.

Fanfic - Days In A Life

These drabbles are way too much fun to write. So many different relationship aspects to work with. I'm trying to work on my Winston interactions. He and Peter will have stories that are more fun later. Sadly, I am still not confident in writing Winston at all. Will I ever be good enough for you, Winston!? *collapses against computer desk and sobs*

I'm not sure which I enjoyed writing more, the first one with Winston or the one with Janine and the toys. Isn't Janine such a sweet big sister when she and Peter aren't driving each other up a wall?!

Also, I feel bad about hurting Peter like this but I needed a non-illness excuse for Peter to stay in bed and for poor Winston to feel like dirt. Also, Peter's limbs are too important to be messing with potential long-lasting damage or weakening, which a broken bone'll do, so that was out.

Peter's bored interaction with Egon was based off an adorable sketch that :icontdotbabs: was nice enough to share with me.

Note: That really is how the first episodes (it was a two parter) of the 80's MLP went. It was disturbingly scary.

Disclaimer: I only own what isn't canon or trademarked.

I'm still working on things I owe people but I want to do another large coloring project. But, sadly, I can't pick what to color next. So, I'm asking all of you which to color.

Here's my first two major coloring projects:
Excellent Time for a Kiss -Color- by Alpine-Dragon-Queen Flash by Alpine-Dragon-Queen

And now, these are the options for the next one. They'll be numbered so just leave a comment with a number of one or two pictures you'd think would look good colored. I'll tally up the numbers next sunday.

1. A Cliffside Birthday (Happy Birthday, Lara Croft) by Alpine-Dragon-Queen (1 vote)
2.Cutiemark Private Investigators by Alpine-Dragon-Queen
3.Well now, My Dear by Alpine-Dragon-Queen (1 vote)
4.WIP - Natural Beauty by Alpine-Dragon-Queen (1 vote)
5.Over the Wall by Alpine-Dragon-Queen
6.back again by Alpine-Dragon-Queen
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